Copey's Butcher Shop Inc.

Founded in 1950, Copey's is a small family owned and operated Butcher Shop out of Medway, Ohio. We supply customers with old-fashioned smoked meats, party trays, homemade brats and sausages. We also have a fresh deli, in-store bakery and custom butchering with no fillers or parts added. We feature Ohio farm raised fresh beef and pork in old-fashioned full service meat cases!


Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturdays: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sunday-Monday: Closed

We offer full service butchering and processing services. See us today, we offer competitive pricing for our processing services.

All prices are subject to change without notice and all pricing listed within this website may not be current and up to date with the pricing listed in our store. Come visit us today.


Associated forms for custom butchering are listed below (right click and hit 'save image as' to save each form). Feel free to download and fill out the forms below. Once filled out, they can then be faxed to us at (937) 849-1760. Visit us in store or call us at (937) 849-1338 for additional details or questions.

Deer Processing

Butchering Prices: $100.00

Shoulder Mounts: $20.00

Extras To Ground Deer:

Pork: $3.00 per #

Beef: $4.00 per #

Suet: $1.00 per #

Extra Items Offered:

Bratwurst: $1.50 #

Summer Sausage: $4.00 #

Snack Sticks: $4.50 #

Add Cheese & Jalapenos To Above Items: $1.00 #

Grinding Fee: $1.50 #

Field Dressing: $40.00

All Racks & Hides Must Be Picked Up Within 24 Hours Or They Will Be Discarded.


Hog Processing

Kill Charge: $70.00

Whole Hog: .65¢ lb on hanging weight

Half Hog: .75¢ lb on hanging weight

*Smoking of bacon and ham is included in processing*

*Links and patties extra per lb*

*All meat vacuum packed (ground extra per lb)*


Beef Processing

Kill Charge: $70.00

Whole & 1/2 Beef: .65¢ lb on hanging weight

1/4 Beef: .75¢ lb on hanging weight

*Patties extra per lb*

*All meat vacuum packed (ground extra per lb)*


Lamb & Goat


$85.00 Flat Fee

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